How do I sign up for MangoApps if I don’t have a business domain?

Why can’t I sign up with my Gmail or Hotmail account?

To protect your organization from potentially unwanted communications from unknown users and to protect communication privacy, MangoApps does not allow sign-ups from Gmail, Hotmail or other free email services.  Instead, your organization must purchase a domain with at least one email address to get started with MangoApps.

Can my MangoApps colleagues and I still use our existing email accounts?

Yes, any existing email account can be invited to an established MangoApps domain.  The MangoApps administrator would need to enable “Out-of-network user support” from the Admin Portal before external email addresses would be allowed as members of your MangoApps domain (details at the end of this article).
Steps to get started right away with MangoApps:

  • Purchase an inexpensive domain from a registrar like
    • There are many registrars that offer domains for sale.  With most domain registrars, the term of your domain purchase can be as short as 1 year and may extend for as many years as you choose.  Extended terms sometimes save you money in the long run.  This article shows GoDaddy as the domain registrar.
    • GoDaddy provides 1 email inbox by default when you purchase a domain and additional email inboxes can be purchased from the GoDaddy site.
    • Since MangoApps allows external domain users to join your domain, purchasing the least expensive GoDaddy domain with default settings is all that is required for your MangoApps sign-up.


  • Configure an email address for your newly-purchased domain.
    From your domain administrator dashboard of your registrar, create an email inbox that will be used to sign up for your MangoApps account.  Steps 1 through 6 below are shown for GoDaddy as the domain registrar.

    1. While logged in to your GoDaddy Customer Account, click “Email” from the left-side menu.
    2. Choose “Use Credit” to apply the free email credit GoDaddy includes with domain purchases.
    3. Choose the appropriate domain from the list (if there are multiple domains that you have purchased).
    4. Click “Continue” and follow the prompts.
    5. “Add” an inbox to email account of the domain you are going to use with MangoApps.
    6. Complete the form to choose the email address and optionally make the email address a catch-all for the domain.  Then click “OK”.



  • Use your new email address to register for MangoApps
    Once you’ve configured an email address for your domain, you are ready to sign up for MangoApps.  Visit the MangoApps sign-up page to pick the subscription plan for your network.You become the default administrator for your new domain simply by entering your email address that has been configured with your domain registrar.  Additional administrators can be assigned once colleagues accept invites to the domain.Make your subscription choices for your free trial and follow the prompts starting from

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