How can I fix the “Shockwave Flash has crashed.” error in Chrome when using Huddle?

To fix the “Shockwave Flash has crashed.” error in Chrome you need to disable Chrome’s embedded Flash Player. The steps are:

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome and type the following in the address line: about:plugins
    The resulting screen should look similar to this screen.
  2. Click on “Details” to expand the “Flash” section to reveal a screen similar to the one below.
  3. Disable all the entries that begin with C:\Users\Ianh\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\ in the “Flash” section so that each disabled entry has a gray background. There may be more than one. Leave any that don’t begin with that location Enabled (with a white background).
  4. Close Chrome completely.
  5. Reopen Chrome and try your Huddle again.

Applies to: kb0350, chrome, shockwave, flash, huddle