Pre Sales FAQs

Q: What are your security practices?
Please contact us for our “System and Information Security Policy” document. This document details MangoApps security practices for our private cloud customers.

Also, please visit our application security page for various application level security settings that are standard to all MangoApps installations.

Q: Can you give us more details about your data centers?
We use two different data centers to host our services for our enterprise customers and provide a high-availability service. Both of our data centers are SAS-70, Type II certified and are tier-1 centers. For security reasons we don’t publish more details. Please contact us and we would be happy to answer any question you may have around data center facilities, access, connectivity, fail-over etc.

Q: What is your data backup and retention policy?
Please contact us for our “System and Information Security Policy” document. This document details MangoApps data backup and retention policy for our private cloud customers.

Q: It sounds too good to be true. Can you do a detailed demo of your capabilities?
We would love to. Just send us a message with time/days that work for you and will get right back to you and schedule a demo.

Q: What is the difference between On-Premise and Private Cloud deployments?
From a functionality perspective, the two services are identical except for a couple of add-on modules like web file viewer. However, on-premise deployments run inside your data center on hardware provided by you. You control and manage all aspects of the service. With private cloud deployments, we create a dedicated, high-availability, setup to run your instance of MangoApps and manage the service for you including data backup, etc. You can choose to have the service as open or as closed to the Internet as you want ( e.g. only available over your VPN setup, available to some IP-ranges or accessible from the internet).

Q: How does On-Premise installation works?
On-premise deployments run inside your data center on hardware provided by you. Once you are up and running, you control and manage all aspects of the service. Software upgrades are seamless and you will receive notifications about these upgrades well in advance. In-case there are questions or problems with the service, we provide you with ticketing and support details accessible by phone or web. Contact us to work through the installation requirements for On-premise deployments.

Q: What are the benefits of Private or On-Premise over Shared service you offer at
Shared cloud service offered at is a super easy and fast way to get up and running immediately. It is every bit as reliable as our private cloud service. In addition to some enterprise focused functionality, the private cloud service adds the following things to our shared cloud service:

  • Advanced security features like mobile device management
  • Enterprise systems integrations like Active directory, SharePoint and others
  • Custom data backup and retention policy
  • Advanced user management and access log
  • Your very own domain name. e.g.
  • Private cloud setup is physically separate from all other customers as we create your very own, high-availability, setup
  • VPN only access and additional access restrictions to suit your IT policy and needs
  • System audit access and other system access logs are available upon request
  • 24×7 priority support, live training, account management and more.

Q: Why kind of SLA do you provide?
We offer 99.7% SLA to our private cloud customers with standard support and 99.9% SLA with our premium support.

Q: Is access from mobile devices secure? Do you encrypt data at rest?
Yes and Yes. All access from mobile devices happens over SSL and any data that is stored is encrypted. In addition you have full mobile device management capabilities from the domain administration interface.

Q: Do all mobile applications have the same capabilities or are there differences between the mobile platforms?
There are some differences between different mobile platforms. Please see this comparison guide for all the capabilities various mobile applications offer.

Q: How often do you upgrade MangoApps software? Is there any downtime when you upgrade?
On an average we release new features and improvements every 3 weeks. Critical bug fixes are hot-fixed. Our release process is seamless and mostly automatic so there is no downtime experienced.

Q: Do you use a third-party to run security scan?
We don’t rely on a third party scanning system for our systems security. We run an extensive set of internal tools and some commercial tools (e.g. intrusion detection software from Fortinet) allowing us to take all necessary precautions to ensure that our customers’ data is protected.

Q: How do I go about getting some new capabilities added or some existing behavior modified?
Just let us know what you are looking for and your use-case and we would be happy to discuss it with you and add it to our agenda.

Q: Do you have any whitepapers that you can share?
Sure thing. Here are a couple of whitepapers we have written on Microblogging and project execution. Let us know if you were looking for something specific and we would be happy to provide that to you.

Q: Do you offer discounts for non-profit or academic institutions?
Yes. We offer 25% discount for non-profit and academic institutions.